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Retouch colour + cut & blowave$120
Retouch with blowave$95
Full colour short hair with blowave$125
Full colour short + cut & blowave$140
Full colour mid-long with blowave$145
Full colour mid-long + cut & blowave$160
Half head foils short with blowave$100
Half head foils short + cut & blowave$125
Full head foils short with blowave$125
Full head foils short + cut & blowave$150
Half head foils mid-long with blowave$125
Full head foils mid-long with blowave$145
Full head foils mid-long + cut & blowave$165
Colour between foils$30
Ladies dry cut$47
Ladies cut & blowave $57
Men's dry cut $27
Men's wet cut $35
Child cut under 5$20
Primary school cut$27
Collage girl cut$35
Senior dry cut$39
Senior cut + blowave$47
Senior set or blowave$34
Perms simple short $125
Care Line Conditioning Treatment$35
So Pure Recovery Treatment$45
Complex Hair Up$100
Simple Hair Up$75
Long Hair Blow wave$57
Short Hair Blow wave$37
Wash & Dry$35
Wash, Dry & Curl$55
Wash, Dry & Straighten$55
Bride Hair Trial$100
Bride Hair up$150
Bride with trial (call-out fee $75 within Wairarapa)$130-150
Bride without trial (call-out fee $75 within Wairarapa)$200
Bridesmaid Hair up$75
Flower Girl Hair up$40
Mother of the Bride Hair up$75
Wedding Blow wave$55

D'Vine Hair & Beauty Weddings


Every bride deserves the most magical wedding day ever!

At D'Vine our aim is to give you just this... the finishing touch to complete your special day.

Contact our team to discuss your ideas & together we'll determine the exact style for your perfect wedding.


Our team at D'Vine will take care of your entire party, we cater for small or large groups & your bridal party is welcome to book out our entire salon for the big day.

We can come to you if this best suits your wedding preparation plans.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Wedding Hair Styling Tips & Pricing

- We recommend you use quality salon products only for 3 months prior to the wedding.

- Hair should be washed one day prior to your wedding day with no product applied - this will ensure the best results.

- Wedding trials are recommended

Bride $130-150 with trial | Bride trial $100 | Bride without trial $200
Bridesmaids $90-120

Call out fee $75 within the Wairarapa

Please contact us for any make-up enquiries

Call 06 306 9061 to make a booking or any enquiries

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